Making Disciples by Going, Baptizing, and Teaching as Jesus Commanded Us

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What is it?  LiFT is The Maranatha Wednesday Program for all ages in our church.

What is LiFT about?  Christians have three types of relationships.  We have our UP relationship with God.  We have our IN relationships with fellow Christians. We have our OUT relationships with co-workers, neighbours and friends.  LiFT is about helping us cultivate these three relationships as a church family together.

How will LiFT help us do this?  There will be three different kinds of LiFT events.

To cultivate our UP relationship with God, every event will begin with praise and two nights a month will be Bible Study.  The theme for the Fall Adult Bible Study is “What do we do in the sanctuary?”  We will discuss worship, sacraments, and the architecture that shapes our sanctuary.

To cultivate our IN relationships with each other, the Bible Studies will be interactive and we will have dedicated IN nights, where we will either play games or work on a project together.

To cultivate our OUT relationships with the community around our church, we have a few events scheduled, such as Christmas Caroling in December, to create connections between us and the community around us.

All events are on Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

October 26                   OUT Pumpkin Carving
Bring your friends

November 2                IN movie night
Christian Movie night and discussion

November 9                UP Bible Study
Where we Profess our Faith and are Baptized.

November 16               OUT Welcome Packages
Prepare welcome packages for our New Neighbors.

November 23               UP Bible Study
Where we pray together.

November 30               OUT Distribute Welcome packages.

December 7                 IN game night

December 14                UP Bible Study
Where we Celebrate and Grieve.

 December 21                OUT Christmas Caroling