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Making Disciples by Going, Baptizing, and Teaching as Jesus Commanded Us

December - 13 - 2015
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There are many changes at work in the broader culture relating to how we communicate with one another.  As we adapt to these massive changes, it is helpful to keep in mind the factors that can threaten a community. The first is a Culture of Criticism.  Individuals will not step forward to complete the tasks at hand, or initiate a new program in a culture where others are waiting around to criticize.  Criticism though is calmed by Charity.  Charity is the old translation of the Greek word agape, or love.  When I was a student studying philosophy, we would speak  [ Read More ]

November - 9 - 2014
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Here is the link to the article in wired about the blue dragon: Absurd Creature of the Week: This Crazy-Looking Sea Slug Has an Ingenious Secret Weapon The blue dragon incorporates the stinging cells of the man of war into its own body and gains the ability to sting others.  This as we said in the message, is something like us. We are stung by others and we incorporate that sting into ourselves ready to sting the next unsuspecting person to come our way. Peter in I Peter 3:9 tells us that Christians should not return evil for evil or  [ Read More ]

October - 16 - 2014
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Sunday June 5 2016,   II  Corinthians 5: 11-6:2, “New Creation”

November - 21 - 2013
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“Teach us to pray.”  This is one of the few times, if not the only time the disciples directly ask Jesus to do something for them. It was a number of weeks ago now, when I heard a sermon on those lines.  The preacher imagined what the disciples might have seen when they saw Jesus praying.  The disciples must have seen heart felt love and that Jesus gave and received from his Father.  The disciples must have seen the deep compassion as Jesus prayed for the needs that he encountered.  The disciples must have seen his face light up with  [ Read More ]

June - 17 - 2013
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Yesterday the sermon was on Luke 4, where Jesus offends a fawning hometown crowd by highlighting Elijah’s visit to the widow at Zarephath and Elisha’s healing of Naaman the Syrian.  In the sermon, which can be found elsewhere on this website, we looked to see if we would find our own reflection in that hometown crowd.  Do we also wish that Jesus would do for us what he did in Capernaum? And more importantly, what is behind that wish?  Surely there is nothing wrong with desiring a miracle.  But miracles are signs, so what kind of sign is behind such  [ Read More ]

February - 21 - 2013
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Being One Body is the summer youth project hosted by Maranatha. Dates: July 2nd  to 7th , 2013 Theme: “A spring welling up to eternal life”  Our lives are like buckets that can be filled with good things or with bad things.  Sometimes, our buckets are empty, sometimes they are drained out.  However, the living water of Jesus is like a spring that wells up in our buckets, causing them to overflow and assuring us of eternal life. Opportunity: This will be an opportunity for youth from various communities to come together to establish bonds of friendship, grow in Christian  [ Read More ]

February - 18 - 2013
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One of our members, Neil Glass made the doorframe we see in this picture. The red paint on the doorframe symbolizes the blood of the lamb. On the inside of the house is safety, and the promise of deliverance from bondage. On the outside of the house is judgment, weeping and destruction. The blood of the lamb marks the line between judgment and mercy, destruction and salvation. Likewise as Christians we believe that the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was suspended between heaven and earth on the cross. Again this blood separates judgment from mercy, destruction from  [ Read More ]

February - 1 - 2013
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The sermon is the point in the worship service where God’s Word from the Bible is explained and then applied to our present day experience.  A sermon usually begins with a reminder of our trouble and sin and ends with the remarkable and always unexpected announcement of God’s grace. To hear some of the sermons preached at Maranatha click here.

April - 18 - 2011

In between the Friday we call Good and Easter Sunday is the dark day called Holy Saturday. We don’t attend services on that day.  We typically let it pass as we move from the darkness of Good Friday to the Celebration of Easter.  But we should not be too quick to jump through Holy Saturday. Holy Saturday is the time of waiting and uncertainty.  Holy Saturday is the time between “It is Finished!” and “He is Risen!”  Holy Saturday is the day that must have been filled with anxiety, doubt and fear.  The scriptures tell us that the disciples deserted  [ Read More ]

March - 28 - 2011

I had an email exchange with a friend of mine this week.  She has not been to church in a while.  As I listened to her story I remembered a story I once heard. There was a young priest who had been serving his parish for a few years.  He began to realize that he did not believe any more and found himself plagued by doubts.  He became deeply concerned about his doubts and reported them to his bishop as a confession. The bishop was silent for a long time.  Then he looked at the priest and said, “It doesn’t  [ Read More ]