Being One Body

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Being One Body LogoBeing One Body is the summer youth project hosted by Maranatha.

Dates: July 2nd  to 7th , 2013

Theme: “A spring welling up to eternal life”  Our lives are like buckets that can be filled with good things or with bad things.  Sometimes, our buckets are empty, sometimes they are drained out.  However, the living water of Jesus is like a spring that wells up in our buckets, causing them to overflow and assuring us of eternal life.

Opportunity: This will be an opportunity for youth from various communities to come together to establish bonds of friendship, grow in Christian faith and gain an understanding of their involvement and or role in church and community.

We are excited to partner with Pastor Steve Frieswick.

Our projects will include: Interior painting of apartments and houses.  Volunteer work for a Women’s Shelter.  Volunteer work for a local food bank.  Cross cultural engagement with the local Muslim community.    And more!

Speaker: Donna Kramer, from Winnipeg.

Band: Happy the Dog

Stay tuned for more updates.

The Passover

Pastor's Pen

One of our members, Neil Glass made the doorframe we see in this picture. The red paint on the doorframe symbolizes the blood of the lamb. On the inside of the house is safety, and the promise of deliverance from bondage. On the outside of the house is judgment, weeping and destruction. The blood of the lamb marks the line between judgment and mercy, destruction and salvation.

Likewise as Christians we believe that the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, was suspended between heaven and earth on the cross. Again this blood separates judgment from mercy, destruction from salvation. On this side of the blood of Jesus, there is mercy and salvation. All are invited to find rest on this side of the cross. The whole message can be heard under sermons, The Passover.


Those more historically astute may recognize that the Menorah on the door would not have been there in Egypt.  However, the passover feast was celebrated for generations of Jews and continues to be celebrated today, even after Hanukkah.  The Menorah on the door reminds us of the continuity between what we call the Old Testament and the New.


Front Page Sermons

The sermon is the point in the worship service where God’s Word from the Bible is explained and then applied to our present day experience.  A sermon usually begins with a reminder of our trouble and sin and ends with the remarkable and always unexpected announcement of God’s grace.

To hear some of the sermons preached at Maranatha click here.